Month: December 2015

Meet COE Northern Lights Ambassador Jamal Murphy

Jamal is an Elementary Education major originally from Chicago. Experiencing, and ultimately overcoming challenges he had in his local high school inspired Jamal to pursue teaching and eventually to be a leader in his field. He states his goal is to return to Chicago Public School and help younger generations believe and achieve their dreams.

JamalWhile at Northern, Jamal is focusing on his graduation. As the first male in his family to attend college, he feels that he has an opportunity to set an example for future generations that going to college is a privilege and something to be proud of.

Jamal brings his outstanding communication and listening skills, and his positive attitude to the Northern Light Ambassador program. He feels that having strong communication and listening skills, and a positive attitude is extremely important in teaching and in everyday life. He feels that having these attributes opens up opportunities for him every day.

College of Education AWARDS

award-ribbon-printable-award-ribbon-clipartfree-award-ribbon-clip-art-htun1iwsDo you know someone in the College of Education who is deserving of special recognition for their efforts over the past year? The College of Education Awards have been reinstated this year, and the information for the awards as well as the nomination packets are now available online.

There are eight award categories with specific criteria for each award. To make a nomination, the nominator should fill out the form as well as be prepared to download their own nominator’s letter as well as two to three supportive letters. The maximum number of support letters is three per nomination.

The award categories are:

  • Excellence in Teaching Award for Faculty/Clinical Faculty 2016
  • Excellence in Research & Artistry Award for Faculty 2016
  • Excellence in Service Award for Faculty 2016
  • Exceptional Contributions by Instructors 2016
  • Exceptional Contributions by Civil Service Staff 2016
  • Exceptional Contributions by Supportive Professional Staff 2016
  • Excellence in Outreach/Community Service Award 2016
  • Exceptional Contributions in Diversity/Social Justice Award 2016

Deadline for all nominations is March 18, 2016, at 4 p.m. Questions or comments, contact Pat Wielert at